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I dunno....

The animation was pretty decent and theres some really great art in there. It had a storyline but i found that the jokes were predictable. I think you tried too hard to be funny by using a lot curses in the beginning which werent really needed. 6/10 because it had a storyline and great art/animation.

Useless at the moment

That scrolled way too fast for me, i could barely read a line before it went offthe screen. Justslow it down and it'll be better

Nomader responds:

Yeah, I just whipped it up pretty quickly there. It could be a lot better if it slowed down, but I didn't feel like taking the time to add a few more frames. Oh well. Thanks for the review!


That was very informative! Well done :D the graphics and music were entertaining too and made me watch it allthe way through. 8/10 and 4/5

The animation could have been better, thats why i didnt give you a 10,but still, well done :)

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Awesome Game :D

I noticed after i played it for about 10 mins and scrolled down to read the reviews...the screen appears to stretch vertically...its like one of those optical illusions where you stare something for a certain number of time and something stays in your vision. Anyway, im rambling on =_= Keep up the good work!

ok so far but...

when i reach the bottom of the screen, the lines clear, the ball goes back to the top and a new set of lines start to come up. I think if you fix this and make it go faster sooner, you'll have a pretty fun game :) You got the idea though.

mjkgames responds:

Yes, this is what is meant to happen. :) When you reach the bottom of the screen, you will get bonus points and you start again. The idea is to reach the bottom as many time as you can - this will maximize your score. Thanks for the comments, though.


Yeah! 5th on the leadermoard on Medium today! lol, thanks for putting this up, i needed to see if i was fast or not ;P

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Only 3 hours???

At first i thought this was mario killing a turtle lol.

Anyway, this is awesome, your animations are awesome, and youre awesome. Especially becuase in a short amount of time, youve created such an immensely action packed piece of art. Keep it up man, id love to see more stuff like this from you :D


This looks truly amazing. The shading, the proportions, the perspective and the amount of detail is just right :D

The only thing i would say is to add more motion to Spidey. His torso and pelvis area look too motionless. Maybe twist the upper body a bit more to his left and make the left arm really lunge forward. I know i don't really consider these things while im drawing, its hard, but its always good to see where to improve on next :) Everyone can improve on something. Fantastic job nonetheless!

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